Royal Brass and Hose offers PTO Drive Shafts and components. Our aftermarket line is uniquely positioned to offer a full range of North American PTO drive shafts and components and a full range of European PTO drive shafts and components (both Italian and German styles). We have developed a proprietary and trademarked part numbering system that simplifies the ordering process. Each component is identified by an eight digit stock number to insure correct identification.


Weasler Mower Conditioner Double C.V. Drivelines    

PTO Identification

Driveline Application Booklet Component Display The Three Point Hitch

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PTO Solutions Part # Guide Metric Driveline Identification System 2480 Series Metric Constant Velocity
Cross & Bearing Kits, Shafting, Tubing 1 Series Metric 2500 Series Metric
6 Series 2 Series Metric 2580 Series Metric Constant Velocity
12 Series 3 Series Metric 2600 Series Metric
14 Series 4 Series Metric II Series Metric
35 Series 5 Series Metric Metric Component Display
44 Series 6 Series Metric Sprockets
55 Series 7 Series Metric Roller Chain Idler Sprockets
Locking Device Repair Kit 8 Series Metric Hubs
North American Display 2100/100 Series Metric Pulleys
44/55 Series Display 2200/200 Series Metric Sprocket, Hub, Pulley Display
Complete Drivelines (Series 6-55) I Series Metric Roller Chain and Accessories
Complete Drivelines (Series 14-55) 2300/210 Series Metric PTO Adapters
Constant Velocity 80° Domestic 220/720 Series Metric Control Blocks
Industrial & Irrigation Drive Shafts 2400 Series Metric Farm Accessories

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