Our Air Conditioning Line includes over 210 couplings for all standard thread ends, including all steel couplings for heavy duty applications and hose which safely handles R12, R134a and R22 gases.

A new, portable crimper allows the user to make high-quality assemblies with a minimal investment. The crimper can be hand-operated or used with a 1/2-inch air impact wrench, ratchet or breaker bar.

Assemblies can also be made with coupling die sets and several standard hydraulic crimpers.

Recommended for car and light truck automotive air conditioning and for tractors, construction trucks, mobile and stationary refrigeration units.

Features Benefits
• Exceeds all SAEJ51 and proposed J2064 criteria • R12 and R134a compatible
• Tube: Black synthetic rubber (Chloroprene - A) • Low permeation
• Barrier: Nylon liner • Low moisture ingression
• Reinforcement: Two layers of spiral polyester • Ozone friendly
• Cover: Black synthetic rubber (EPDM) • Heavy Equipment
• Temperature Range: -22°F to +257°F • "Bubble" style crimp with steel or aluminum fitting

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