Why Both Red and Black Battery Cable:

The generally accepted industry practice is to use black insulated cable for negative (ground) wires and red insulated cable for positive wires. By using both black and red cable your wiring system will be easier to install and trouble-shoot.

Use Color Coded Battery Cable:

• For easy and fast identification of the cable gauge.
• The color coding matches the cable to the connector and crimper.
• Color stripe helps you measure the length of your cable.

Made in the USA Made in the USA

Matching Cable and Equipment:

When replacing cable, always install heavier cable, never lighter. Also, in cold climates always use heavier cable gauge to improve starting.

Equipment Cable Gauge
• Garden Tractor 8, 6, 4
• Compact Car, RV 6, 4
• Standard Car, Heavy Duty 4
• Full-size Car, Van 1, 2
• Tractor, Light Truck 1/0
• HD Tractor, Truck, Bus 2/0, 3/0

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