Roller Chain – Why use USA vs Import

Written by Billy Wells – Ag Specialist
Why would you buy domestic chain over imported chain?

Well, everybody knows that domestic chain is a higher quality and last longer than most imported chain. Because the quality of the steel is greater, the lubricants penetrate ALL the surfaces, even between the pins and bushings for longer life. It has a higher tensile strength, sometimes up to 50% more than most imported chain, which would stop premature elongation or stretching. And when chain stretches, it doesn’t ride in the sprockets correctly causing unnecessary sprocket wear. The domestic chain has solid rollers that wear longer than split rollers on most imported chain providing a greater shock load too.

Suppose I put an imported chain on my round baler and it will last maybe 2-3 seasons before it needs replacing. Now, the next time I have to replace the chain, I will probably have to replace the worn sprockets, too. You see, all the money I saved on chain has been spent several times over. So I figure I can buy the best chain and reduce my downtime, stay in the field and lower the overall cost to maintain my baler.





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