Royal Brass and hose is a proud Authorized Distributor of BrakeQuip brake, clutch, and hydraulic hoses. With over 1,200 fittings, Royal Brass and Hose can manufacture virtually any brake, clutch, or 1/8" hydraulic hose assembly. All hose assemblies are built to SAEJ1401, FMVSS 106, and DOT compliance standards. Additionally, all hose assemblies are pressure tested to 3,000 PSI – nearly 3 times average brake system pressure – to ensure safety. BrakeQuip’s 1/8" OEM quality rubber hose uses a tightly woven double-braided nylon construction, offering low-expansion under pressure for improved hose performance. This is an excellent choice for replacing a damaged hose, restorations, or cost effective hydraulic hoses. Compatible with DOT 3, 4, and most non-petroleum based brake fluids.

Looking for a performance upgrade? Need a PTFE line hose? Let Royal Brass and Hose manufacture a custom set of stainless braided hoses using BrakeQuip’s PTFE lined 304SS braided hose. The 4 wire braid provides superior expansion performance, offering improved pedal/lever feel for brake and clutch actuation. The PTFE core is compatible with DOT 3, 4, 5, and 5.1 fluids, as well most petroleum based liquids.* DOT compliant braided stainless hoses are available in 5 colors, clear, smoke, solid black, solid blue, and solid red. Inserts are available in silver, black, gold, green, purple, and red.

Looking for a sleek, compact crimp fitting for your hoses? Ask Royal Brass and Hose about Low Profile fittings, available exclusively for stainless steel braided hose. Many Low Profile fittings are available in standard plated steel, chrome, and stainless steel.

Whether you are looking for a single replacement hose, or a monthly production run of hose assembly kits for resale, Royal Brass and Hose can fulfill your BrakeQuip hose assembly needs.

Looking for automotive plumbing hardware? Royal Brass and Hose stocks a full selection of BrakeQuip tube nuts, copper washers, banjo bolts, thread adapters and more!

* For specific fluid compatibility, contact RB&H


• Hose ID: .130" - .138" (3.3mm - 3.5mm)
• Hose OD: .406" - .421" (10.3mm - 10.7mm)
• Two braid PVA reinforced hose
• Meets FMVSS-106 and SAE J1401 specifications
• Temperature range -50°C to 121°C
• Compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 and most non-petroleum
• Also compatible with most non-petroleum-based brake fluids, including silicone

Part Number Size Color
• BQ301 • 1/8" ID • NIL
• BQ303 • 1/8" ID • CLEAR
• BQ303BK • 1/8" ID • BLACK
• BQ303BL • 1/8" ID • BLUE
• BQ303GR • 1/8" ID • GREEN
• BQ303RD • 1/8" ID • RED

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