Conflict Minerals Statement
Dodd-Frank Section 1502 and the SEC Final Ruling
Sept 10, 2013

Royal Brass & Hose supplies approximately 150 product lines containing over 57,000 different parts. Our primary products are hydraulic and mechanical power transmission parts, manufactured to SAE and other relevant industry standards such as ASME, ASTM etc. The overwhelming majority of these products do not require the use of Conflict Minerals in their manufacture.

Based on a preliminary survey of the products we sell, we have determined that there is a very small subset of our products that may contain conflict minerals, specifically tin and tungsten. The other two minerals, tantalum and gold are not used in any of our products to the best of our knowledge.

We are conducting an RCOI (reasonable country of origin inquiry) within this subset of our products with our suppliers to determine which parts may contain these minerals and to ensure they are “DRC Conflict Free” or if they are from scrap sources which are exempt under the final SEC rules.

In the event that we have products that contain these minerals, we will ensure that our suppliers source "DRC Conflict-Free" sources.

If your firm is currently required to conduct RCOI and report under Dodd-Frank 1502, please contact your customer service representative for a statement regarding the products you purchase from Royal Brass & Hose.

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Conflict Minerals Statement

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