A hose assembly can be made after the proper hose, couplings and crimping equipment have been selected. There are three types of assemblies:

•  Permanent Crimped
•  Permanent Swage
•  Field-Attachable Couplings

The required crimping equipment, components and procedures vary for each type of assembly. The following PDF files provide detailed information about Gates Crimpers and Eaton-Weatherhead Crimping Equipment. Additionally, there is some useful information about procedures and couplings.

Catalog Pages

Gates Eaton - Weatherhead
Gates SC32 Crimper Flier.v6 Eaton-Weatherhead Equipment
Gates GC32-XD Crimp Chart-Battery Cable Eaton-Weatherhead Hose Assembly Systems
Gates MC-420 Digital Dial Manual Eaton-Weatherhead Hose End and Tool Selector Chart
Gates Omni Crimp 21
Gates Power Crimp 707 Manual
Gates 707 Crimp Chart - Battery Cable

•  Gates Crimp Database

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