Royal Brass and Hose offers a complete inventory of standard and metric fasteners. These include hex cap screws, hex nuts, flat washers, lock washers, socket product, and all thread rod. Also, a wide variety of machine screws, sheet metal screws, stainless steel, and anchoring products. All of these are available in a diverse array of sizes and materials. We meet a full range of industrial standards, including ISO, ANSI, ASTM, and DIN.

Fasteners Catalog Pages

Fastener Types Fastener Part Numbering System  
Fastener Assortments Cabinets Thread Sticks
SECTION 2 - Standard
Bolts and Screws Socket Drive Screws - Alloy Steel Plain Nuts
Washers Screws - Steel Anchors
Bits Pins Rivets and Woodruff Keys
Pole-Line Hardware Rod - All Thread  
SECTION 3 - Metric
Hex Cap Screws Socket Cap Screws Socket Set Screws
Metric Keys - Nuts - Washers - Rods    
SECTION 4a - Stainless -  Metric SECTION 4b - Stainless - T316 & T410 SECTION 4c - Stainless - Type 18-8
Metric Screws - Nuts - Washers T316 & T410 Screws - Nuts - Washers T18-8 Bolts - Screws - Nuts - Washers
SECTION 5 - Brass
Brass Screws - Nuts - Washers    
SECTION 6 - Silicone Bronze
Bronze Screws - Nuts - Washers    


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