Hydraulic Hose, Fittings and Hose Assemblies are among the core product groups at Royal Brass and Hose.

A leaking hose can shut down an operation. The speed at which it can be replaced directly affects your operations, your efficiency and your bottom line. Royal Brass and Hose has a wide spectrum of hoses for practically any application. We offer a full spectrum of hoses with a variety of pressure ratings and temperature capabilities that can meet your unique application requirements. We also have the capability to quickly fabricate custom hose assemblies to your specifications.

Our hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies are used in a diversity of industries including:

•  Automotive •  Construction
•  Agricultural •  Industrial
•  Mining •  Medical

Hydraulic hose applications demand numerous sizes and constructions of hose to satisfy individual working requirements and conditions. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Royal Brass and Hose can assist you with your specific hydraulic hose and hose assembly needs

Catalog Pages

Gates Hydraulic
Low Pressure Hose Hose Guards Low Presure - 100R4 Couplings
Medium Pressure Hose Global Spiral (GSP) Couplings Reusable Couplings for SAE 100R1
High Pressure Hose PCM Couplings Reusable Couplings for SAE 100R1
Very High Pressure Hose PCS Couplings and Ferrules for Hose Reusable Couplings for C5E Hose
Extreme High Pressure Hose MegaCrimp™ G25-Series Couplings Low Pressure - Fuel Line Couplings
Spring Guards

Weatherhead Hydraulics
High Pressure Hose High Pressure Metric Coll-O-Crimp "E" Series Fitings
Coll-o-Crimp "U" Series Fittings Medium Pressure Hose

Synflex Hydraulics
High Pressure Hose Non-Conductive Hose Accessories
Medium Pressure Hose General Purpose Air & Water Hose Couplings

•  Complete Gates Hydraulic Hose Section
•  Complete Weatherhead Hydraulic Hose Section
•  Complete Synflex Hydraulic Hose Sectio

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